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We all know about the big moving companies. Their ads are all over the place including on the page that this article is published. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these national and even world movers. If you need to save money on your next move, please consider hiring furniture movers near me.

Three Great Reasons to Choose Small Movers

Small movers are not going to be the right thing for all moves. You need to be moving within a relatively small geographical area to use these small companies. Most of them specialize in local moves. If your progress can be driven in a few hours or less, then you have three great reasons to hire small movers while you are moving cheap.

Small Movers Tend to be Reliable

Reliability is an excellent reason to use small movers. These companies rely on a good reputation and word of mouth for business. We are talking about small companies that are often three guys and a truck. They don’t have huge budgets for big advertising campaigns.

Small Movers Vancouver Canada

Small Movers Vancouver Canada

If you live in a small enough town, you might even know the small movers personally, or you might know someone that knows them. They might not want to disappoint whoever recommended them to you.

Small Movers Should Give you Great Service

Because they are small and need all of the free advertising they can get from happy customers, you should be getting excellent customer service. The difference between professional and armature movers is how many moves they have been paid to make.

Negotiate a Good Deal

We don’t try to haggle nearly enough in Vancouver Canada. A large part of that is because we are used to all of the huge multinational companies with there rigid rules that the employees are not allowed to make deals which is why this is the third reason to try small movers when you are moving cheap.

Employees in small businesses are often recognized and even encouraged to use the brain that God gave them to make a deal. Don’t be afraid to ask and then ask some more. See what cheap movers Vancouver Canada will provide you with if they need your money, and of course, you’re going to tell everyone how happy you were with their service.

So, where are all of these beautiful small moving companies anyway? The very best way to find them is by word of mouth. Ask your friends and family if they have had any good experiences with a particular group. If that is not going to work then go to the local college and check any postings or message boards.

Best Way to Find Them

Just make sure their company is bonded and make sure you feel good about the conversation you have with their representative on the phone. Ask questions and make sure all of your concerns have been answered. Don’t just book and pay for a move online on a site you know nothing about. Look for a phone number and pay cash when the job is done.

Why Choose Small Move Specialists?

You can see how easy it is to lose money because you had no idea that your move would be considered a small movement, and you hired the wrong type of service. You’ll save a lot with piano movers Vancouver Canada compared to what a full-load mover would charge.

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Since you have a small load, your shipment may be combined on a lorry with other purchases for space and fuel efficiency. Small movers Vancouver Canada specialists typically want a full truck before setting out for moves; try to be flexible with your moving time frame. Specialists will often give you a time range for pickup and delivery, say one to two weeks.

So, now that you know what a small move is, figure out if yours fits the profile and research a specialist accordingly. Like all other moving services, you can have inside pickup and delivery, or wrap the items yourself to cut down on cost even more. Best of all, you will get the same white glove and professional experience as hiring a small movers Vancouver Canada, while saving money, and being green, all along.

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